The Michigan ghost town Garnet – or what’s left of it – lies in Hudson Township, Mackinac County, 37 miles northwest of St. Ignace.

It began in 1891 as a railway station under the settlement name “Welch” along the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railroad. The settlement was based around a sawmill and later became part of the eastern U.P.’s successful dairy farming.

Along with the success of the sawmill, and of the Hudson & Donaldson General Store, the settlement grew. By 1898 the town had its own post office, with the first postmaster being George, one of the afore-mentioned Donaldson’s.

Finally, Welch was re-named ‘Garnet’ in 1904 and the post office closed for good in 1972.

Today, there’s barely anything left: a few shacks intermingling with some modern housing, empty structures, the railroad…..but no businesses. So pack your food and gas up, because Garnet has nowhere for you to buy anything.