The Tuscola County burg of Gagetown is located in the Michigan thumb's cuticle. It began in 1869 when Joseph Gage built a sawmill. After the village was platted in 1871, Gage had acquired almost all the land in town.

With the coming of the railroad in the early 1880's, the town exploded. By the mid-1880's, Gagetown boasted two blacksmiths, brewery, two churches, two doctors, door & blind factory, two drug stores, four general stores, grist mill, hardware store, harness shop, hotel, livery stable, meat market, planing mill, post office, sawmill, schoolhouse, shingle mill, shoe shop, tavern, tin shop, and wagon shop. Whew!

The town became incorporated in 1887...but, the railroad ceased operations which made businesses suffer. Many shops and stores closed down and this bustling, busy, prosperous community became another charming Michigan small town.

The latest census showed Gagetown's population just under 400.

Today, Gagetown remains an extremely interesting town to visit. Many old, historical buildings still stand. The original general store was recently a funeral chapel. Across the street on the east is where a blacksmith shop once stood. Down Lincoln Street, it appears the old hotel building is still there. Many other cool little old shops dot the downtown area (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

If you're looking for a Michigan town with a lot of old stuff to see & enjoy, take a drive to Gagetown!


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