"FUTURAMIC"? Well, I guess we learn a new word every day...except this word goes back to 1947, when Lansing's own Oldsmobile made up this term to describe their new automobile design.

The 50-second 1948 film (above) begins with the classic "In My Merry Oldsmobile" theme; then the narrator goes on to say how "futurama design combines beauty with utility." And it's a kick to see the old-fashioned-looking surroundings as they talk about "futuramic design. But hey...back then it WAS "futuramic."

Then, take a look at another 50-second 1948 film (below) as the narrator explains "'Futuramic' is a brand new word created to describe this brand new post-war General Motors car." (They really stress the "post-war" angle.)

Anyway, it was Lansing that cranked out the 'Futuramic' autos for the nation - 'no gearshift, no clutch-pushing' as the narrator explains.

Take a peek at these two old 1948 50-second films and enjoy!
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