If you've seen one funeral, you've seen 'em all, right?
Pretty much, these days.

But there is still a lotta stuff surrounding funerals that most of us never see, rarely see, or even wanna see.

Usually one tends to corollate funerals with grief, loss, and sadness. Others worry about the cost. Just about every person reading this has been to a funeral, but is rarely privy to the little intricacies, extras, or histories.

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In the photo gallery below, I have gathered up some photos that show a plethora of different funeral aspects. Souvenirs, old horse-drawn hearses, Native American burial grounds, funeral home giveaways, oddities, and even a funeral bill from 1927.....if only they were that cheap now!

It's not meant to be sorrowful or morbid.....just a different way to look at Michigan's funeral history that goes back over 100 years. There are no shocking photos here, but many will put you in a mild state of awe.



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