Right now, quarantine cooks are having a major moment. Pages such as "Crap I Cooked In  Quarantine" have given  pseudo chefs a chance to showcase their skills and others a place to find new ways to spice up their meals.

The Daily Meal recently put together a list of those top uniquely searched recipes on Google from across America in the past 90 days. From California to New York, they've broken down the recipes searches by each state over the past 30 days.

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For Michigan it is apparent that we can't wait for summer and grilling season to arrive. Michiganders took to the web to find how to make that perfect hamburger. Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska are a few others that hopped on the burger band wagon with us.

Interestingly enough, the most searched recipes overall across the county during quarantine is banana bread. Usually an easy one to make and always a family favorite.

Take a look at the top searches for recipes and the states that craved them.





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