Hard to believe that is has been 17 years since Friends aired its last show.  To put that into perspective, Monica and Chandlers babies would be getting ready to head off to college, as wood Rachel and Ross's daughter Emma.  Central Perk, the coffee spot where the gang hung out on almost every episode of Friends, has probably become a Starbucks by now.  After 17 years the show is still popular.

During its 9 season run we had 'the Rachel' hair cut that every girl wanted and some well known faces making guest appearance's.   Designer Ralph Lauren played himself and was Rachels boss, Tom Selleck played Richard the eye Doctor and boyfriend to Monica before Chandler.  The Muscle from Brussels, Jean- Cl;aude Van Damme made it on one of the episodes, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston's then husband, was on the show and played a former classmate of the characters Rachel and Ross.  Reese Witherspoon, and Christina Applegate both played Rachels sisters, and even Julia Roberts guest starred on an episode.

After years of fans asking for a reunion show that would show us a peek at what the characters have been up to. has finally been answered.  Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey (Courtney, Jennifer, Lisa, David, Matthew and Matthew) have finished production on the reunion show that will be airing on HBO-MAX.

The finale episode of Friends was such a huge thing that I even had a party to watch the finale. Friends gave me 10 seasons of tv bliss and I did not want to see it end.

Other sitcoms that fans loved, Seinfeld was a big one.  The show that billed itself as'the show about nothing'. Seinfeld lasted 9 seasons and was on the air July 5. 1989 until May 14th 1998.  I watched the final show at The Nuthouse, with a bar full of other fans.  The final episode was a bit of a let down, but I still had fun watching.

Mash, the show about a medical unit during the Korean conflict, Lasted longer that the war itself.  11 seasons 1972 until 1983.  The ending for that show was a bit dark and a bit of a let down, but i had a party and we watched and still had fun.

Now to answer the question ' how much does it take to get sitcom royalty to reunite?  That would be 2.5 million for the cast member's of Friends.

On a side note, MASH had a great theme song, but for me, 'The Rembrandt's - I'll be there for you' was the best.  The song was co-written by Ailee Willis, a native of Detroit.  Willis also co-wrote "September' and 'Boogie Wonderland' for Earth Wind and Fire, plus she won a Grammy for the 'Beverly Hills Cop' soundtrack.

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