I love Major League Baseball because of two incredible MLB pitchers. One happens to be Max Scherzer and the other pitcher is an American League Cy Young winner who goes by the name of Justin Verlander.

Verlander and Scherzer are going to be on the same professional baseball team, the New York Mets, and yes it's a done deal for sure.

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We all remember Justin Verlander, who pitched for the Detroit Tigers for 13 straight seasons. Overall with the Tigers, Verlander posted a 3.49 ERA with 2,373 strikeouts and 766 walks. That's amazing!

Since then, Justin Verlander has pitched the last several years for the World Series champion Houston Astros. And now that Verlander is a free agent, another pro team was very interested in purchasing his pitching services, the New York Mets.

According to mlive.com:

Verlander has agreed to two-year, $86 million deal with the New York Mets, according to SNY and other sources. There is also a vesting option for a third year in 2025.

Not a bad deal if I do say so myself. In fact, Verlander and Scherzer will make a combined $86 million in 2023. Very impressive when you consider that they're both close to the age of 40.

Mlive.com also adds:

The Tigers traded Verlander to the Houston Astros at the trade deadline in 2017. Since then, he’s won two Cy Youngs and two World Series while going 61-19 with a 2.26 ERA in 102 starts. Verlander is the second big-ticket free agent pitcher to go off the board this week.

I guess I'll be switching back and forth between two MLB teams in 2023, the Detroit Tigers and the New York Mets. I still have to follow two of the very best pitchers in Major League Baseball, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander!

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