This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, beautiful flowers! Every year, my wife and I search for the most beautiful flowers that we can plant in the fall, spring, or summer.

All of our favorite choices are in the beautiful gallery you are about to see.

Please take a look these pictures and just imagine how beautiful they will look in your front or backyard. Flowers help bring out the beauty of your home.

You can find most of these flowers at  Van Atta's, Lansing Gardens, Meijer, and even Home Depot.

Pink roses are one of my favorites on this list of flowers. My wife and I have rows of flowers planted in our backyard. We have pink roses along with red, white and yellow.

If you have a decorative fence in your backyard, running flowers along side of a white fence or a stained fence looks really lovely.

Another one of our favorites is lilacs. You can plant them in your own flower garden along with a birdbath and even use special lighting at night to make everything stand out. There's nothing better than perfect landscaping featuring your favorite flowers!

6 Flowers You Can Find in Michigan

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