I speak from experience when I say losing a beloved pet is a different type of heartbreak, so I cannot imagine what this family went through when their little yorkie, Sgt Pepper, went missing. However, the absolute joy they must be feeling having him back after seven years must just be incredible thanks to some fine folks in Eaton County.

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Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook
Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook

Sgt Pepper Goes Missing In Florida

Eaton County Animal Control shared this amazing story on their Facebook page and to fully understand why it's special, we have to go back to 2014.

That's when Sgt Pepper, at six years old, went missing from his owners' home in Florida. Unfortunately, by the time his owner happened upon a Craiglist post saying he was found, someone else had wrongfully claimed him.

His owners then filed a police report and, luckily, Sgt Pepper was microchipped so Eaton County Animal Control says the microchip company was notified he was stolen.

Found Over 1,000 Miles From Home...In Michigan

So how did Sgt Pepper get all the way to Charlotte? Well, Eaton County Animal Control says they don't know every detail of his journey but they do know he had been safe and loved by a family who had no idea of his chip or status as a stolen pup for the past five years.

"We are grateful for their understanding that Sgt Pepper had to be reunited with his original family," Eaton County Animal Control shared. "And we ask that people please be sensitive towards their situation."

On Monday, June 28th, Sgt Pepper's original mom got the call from Eaton County that he had been found and both parties were just as shocked as each other to find out that she was all the way in Florida. However, she booked a flight here to Michigan and within two days was reunited with her long-lost yorkie!

Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook
Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook

A Testament to Microchipping Your Pets...and More

This story would be enough to tug on anyone's heartstrings. For me, I am a bit more emotionally invested as my family's little yorkie passed on over the rainbow bridge last September.

It warms my heart as I know just what a bond between a family and a yorkie is like so I feel for both families that got the chance to love Sgt Pepper.

Eaton County Animal Control said Sgt Pepper's original family kept his microchip contact information updated last in February 2020. They never lost hope he would turn up and were able to be contacted within minutes of being in possession and scanned.

Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook
Eaton County Animal Control via Facebook

While we also can't help but feel for the family who had no knowledge of the microchip, Eaton County Animal Control also said, "This story also serves as a reminder why it is SO IMPORTANT to have all found dogs scanned for a microchip. Most vets or animal shelters will do this service for free."

"It is also a great idea to have any new dog you acquire scanned for a microchip just in case, especially if any portion of the pet’s history is unknown," they added. 

At the end of the day, Sgt Pepper was meant to make quite a few people happy and provide some beautiful companionship. The kind only a dog can give.

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