How many state parks do you think we have in Michigan? There are 103 state parks with a plan to invest over $200 million to improve all of them.

Now add to that a new state park being built in Flint and part of that $200 plus million dollars will go toward building our newest state park.

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According to

Chevy Commons, the former site of the Chevrolet plant, is the planned location for Michigan's 104 state park, funded by the Building Michigan Together Plan.

So where will be the new home for Michigan's newest state park? How about Flint and Genesee Counties.

There's nothing better than visiting a beautiful state park right here in Michigan. State parks are always well maintained and very easy to navigate. And you certainly can't beat the scenery. tells us:

"Michiganders love our pristine parks and majestic outdoor spaces," Whitmer said. "Over the last couple of years, attendance at state parks reached historic highs as people sought space to unwind and safely connect with their friends and loved ones.

The new state park will be located within one mile of the University of Michigan. Flint along with its downtown area is a prime location for the 104th state park in Michigan.

I personally love state parks. It's such a great place to take the whole family to enjoy a week or two hanging out together, enjoying all the recreational fun that most state parks have to offer.

Speaking of that, here's more from

“It’s a prime location, and we can never have too many recreational places right here in Genesee County and throughout our state. This is going to provide an amazing opportunity for people to get outdoors, enjoy the (Flint) River. The river is actually amazing. It’s my goal to get as many people out on the river as possible. Kayaking, canoeing — it really is wonderful, and it’s hard not to fall in love with it when you’re out there. Walking next to it, biking next to it, this park will highlight our river and it’s wonderful.”

Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Cannot wait to check out the newest state park in Michigan. This will certainly be a crowd pleaser once it's built and open to the public.

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