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Netflix has become the one to watch, in fact  Barry Diller, the former CEO of Paramount and Fox was recently talking about the diminished power of movie studios and why, He says "Netflix has won this game".

Netflix has amazing shows like The Great British Bake off (my favorite), they also have some original films that are amazing, like 'The Birdbox'  and they are attracting some big names.

The folks at Netflix came out with a list of horror films that are so scary that most people can't finish watching them.  Here is that list.

Cabin Fever

Carnage Park

Mexico Babaro

Piranha 3D



The Conjuring (watched it, loved it)

The Human Centipede 2....I know what that one is about and there is NO way I could ever watch it.

I highly recommend Netflix, they offer a lot of different choices, and you can even binge watch many series.


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