The world of soda pop has just taken a turn for the weird with the introduction of Flamin Hot Mountain Dew.

I kid you not, this is really a thing.  A press release from Pepsi Co, which owns both Mountain Dew and Cheetos, said that the drink mixes the citrus taste of Mountain Dew with the spicy goodness of Flamin Hot Cheetos.

It sounds like a bad case of heartburn in a can. Who came up with this idea anyway? Regardless, I bet everyone is going to want to try this one....just to say you did.

This reminds me of the Pop Rocks and Coke craze of the 1980s.  Remember the urban legend about the Life cereal kid, Mikey?  The rumor was that he had exploded after mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. That urban legend took on a life of its own and even caused the sale of Pop Rocks to be discontinued for a while. The actor who played Mikey in the Life cereal commercials was fine.

Obviously, you did not explode while mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, but everyone wanted to try for themselves.  I remember reading that some chemists decided to see if the legend was true or not. They took six Cokes and six bags of Pop Rocks and poured them into an animal stomach, the stomach swelled to several times its normal size but did not explode. So, that urban legend was put to rest.

The debut of the new Flamin Hot Mountain Dew is set for August 31st.

Will you be brave enough to try it?

Bottoms up!

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