Bunker Hill Township came along first in 1839, named after Abram Bunker, who built the first house in the area. Then, within that township a few years later in 1848, the village of Fitchburg was founded, named after Ferris S. Fitch.

By 1863 Fitchburg only had a population of 100. Even so, it had a sawmill, hotel and general store. Closer to the town of Bunker Hill --- only three and a half miles away --- were a post office, church and livery stable and professions that included a blacksmith, doctor, lawyers, boot & shoe maker, carriage builder, cabinet maker, justice of the peace, carpenter, milliner and cooper.

There has never been a census taken for Fitchburg...and now, unfortunately, it is considered to be a Michigan 'Ghost Town.' What does that mean? It means that once upon a time it was more thriving than it is now.

The photo gallery shows the current state of Fitchburg, with some old classic, historic buildings still standing and a small but proud community.

If you're driving through Bunker Hill Township, this village could sneak up on ya and you may pass by/through without knowing it...but now you do, so pay a visit. There's a campground and park to check out.

Even though there is no other business in Fitchburg to take advantage of --- no gas station, no party store, no tavern, no grocery, no eatery --- it's still a quiet, peaceful stop for anyone who appreciates these unincorporated Michigan towns & villages for what they used to be.




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