Filion is off the beaten track, in an isolated area of Michigan's thumb and undiscovered by many Michiganders. In 1861 Desire Filion came to the area, settled, and opened a store. The new village was soon named after him when a post office opened in 1876.

Filion is in Huron County's Meade Township right along the railroad, which brought business and travelers many years ago...but that has changed, even though the rails still go through the east side of town.

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The village population has dwindled, with plenty of empty, abandoned buildings and town and scattered throughout the countryside (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

The Filion locals may not approve of the term 'ghost town', but it's known as being one. Yes, there are still people living there, but the town is only a shell of it's former self.

Not much else is known about Filion, but it's a very interesting place to check out on your next Michigan road trip. In fact, a roadtrip through the entire Michigan thumb is an awesome idea.

If anyone has any facts, info or history on Filion, all are welcome.



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