Seen any wild swine lately?

Wild, feral pigs, boars & sows continue to be seen and feared throughout Michigan. I've never come across one but there are many in our state who have.

Many of these wild pigs have trampled yards, knocked down fences, rooted garbage, ate pets and other animals, and scared off livestock. What to do if you come across one? Best thing to do is probably call the DNR...they'll either come to where you are or tell you it's OK to dispose of it yourself.

There are some websites that try to make you feel that these are demonic, supernatural creatures.....but that is FAR from the truth. So where do they come from?

Sometimes farm pigs escape their pens and flee to the wild, breed and their offspring become feral. Potbellied pigs that were pets have either escaped or been set free by their owners to "live a free life" on its own. But they too become and/or breed feral pigs.

One hunter shot a 600 pound feral boar with six inch tusks.

According to, "the numbers appear to be declining since a 2011 invasive species order banned the ownership and sale of Russian boars and similar exotic  swine species. Those animals were used as prey on game ranches, and escaped from time to time, quickly adapting to the wild and reproducing at a rate of a litter or two a year."

Not only will these pigs occasionally attack humans, but they carry diseases that could be transmitted to other farm pigs.



According to, here are the best ways to identify:
Most often brown or black and appear hairy
Piglets are lighter in color and often have stripes
Long, straight, narrow snout relative to domestic pigs
Straight tail with a tuft at the end

Any of you ever come across one?

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