Remember Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour?

The very last one shut down for good in July 2019.

Michigan had its fair share of Farrell’s locations, and I remember going to Farrell’s to get those huge servings of ice cream, including the humongous “Pig’s Trough”. It was a place where they played old-tyme music, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ at your table, kids had parties, wait-people ran up & down the dining area, and featured so many different ice cream concoctions!

We went there during the 70’s and 80’s and then they seemed to disappear, one-by-one.

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After Marriott bought Farrell’s in 1971, the number of shops skyrocketed to 130 around the world. A San Francisco investment group bought out the chain in 1988 and by 1990, they had shut down almost all the Farrell’s in the country.

The very first Farrell’s was also the last one to close down. Farrell’s original location opened in Portland, Oregon in 1963 and closed in 2006. Then a company acquired the right to the name and opened a bunch of ‘em in California. The last of those shut down this past summer (July 2019).

Which Michigan location did you visit? Grand Rapids? Ann Arbor? Detroit? Flint?

Do you want 'em back?


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