Farmer's Creek is Lapeer County’s little secret. It’s an unincorporated community that sits on the boundary of Metamora Township and Hadley Township.
Farmer’s Creek was named for the nearby stream, just south of town.

The town’s first settlers were John L. Morse and John Look in 1834. When the post office was established, Morse became the first postmaster in 1836.

According to the 1874 atlas, downtown Farmer’s Creek had a blacksmith, general store, hotel, and post office. Plus, there’s a great old one-room schoolhouse just north of the old downtown intersection.

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The post office closed down for good on September 30, 1903, with the businesses soon to follow.

Farmer’s Creek is a mostly-unknown village to most Michiganders, so it’s worth a little roadtrip over there to check it out. Beautiful, serene, and historic, with some old structures – mostly farmhouses and farm buildings, or establishments that were renovated into homes – still around.

No gas station, restaurant, or convenience store, so don’t plan on anything except some kool photo ops.


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