Voters Across The Country Head To The Polls For The Midterm Elections
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" Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds", well, until today.  Motto or not, it's just to damn cold for the mail delivery today.

The United States Postal Service has decided to halt delivery in areas of Michigan due to the extreme cold temperatures.

The of mail services is due to the arctic outbreak and the concern for the safety of USPS employees.

Around Michigan delivery is suspended for areas containing zip codes with the beginning three digits, of 486 - 491, 493 - 499 as well as the Detroit area.

The post office is not the only place that is closed today, many state and county offices are closed, all schools, even Michigan State University (which never closes).

Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency due to the frigid temperatures.

If you are heading out today, your best bet is to call ahead and make sure where you are headed is open.   Your best bet would be to stay home and stay warm.


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