While Sears executive's get $25 million in bonuses, the stores laid off workers are struggling during Christmastime.

Sears To Close More Kmart Stores
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The executives who presided over the bankruptcy of Sears and Kmart will ring out this year with news of $25.3 million in bonuses, laid-off workers like Ondrea Patrick will be using her unemployment check to pay for new brakes for her 200 model Dodge Durango.

Patrick says that it infuriates her that they'll be relying charity, hand - me downs for her kids, the electric company is threatening to turn off service and she has zero funds to buy anything for her children this Christmas.

Last week, a U.S. bankruptcy Court Judge allowed Sears Holdings to hand out executive's bonuses after the company successfully argued that it  would lose its top people if there is nothing in their stockings this Christmas.

How these people sleep at night amazes me.  This is corporate America at its worst.

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