Michiganders, start your snow blower engines. It's that time to prepare for unpredictable Michigan weather.

Snow shovels are useless when it comes to snow blowers. Don't strain yourself by shoveling all the wet and slushy snow this winter, make it easy on yourself by making the best purchase ever, a brand new snow blower!

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According to weingartz.com:

Michigan winters are nothing short of unpredictable. Some winters are harsh, accompanied by hundreds of inches of snow. While other winters produce less snowfall. In previous winters, Michigan snowfall totals have ranged from 20 inches to over 150 inches.

And that's exactly why we all need a snow blower. It's so much easier than shoveling snow. I've had mine now for about 15 years and I love it.

It takes such a short time to snow blow my driveway and my sidewalk, especially after a Michigan snow storm.

There is convenience when it comes to owning your own snow blower. One thing for sure, no more bending over to lift all that heavy snow with a snow shovel.

Weingartz.com adds:

Bending over to lift and remove heavy snow with a shovel can have negative effects on the body, especially for elderly individuals with heart and back issues. Snow blowers eliminate the physical stress on your body, allowing you to remove more snow while exerting less energy. Let your snow blower do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, or consider sending one of the teens out to clear your snow.

You can find snow blowers at just about every big box store in the greater Lansing area. Please make sure to read the safety manual and follow all instructions as you begin a new venture this winter. Have a safe and happy winter and enjoy your snow blower!

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