Evart is a small town west of Clare on US10 near Reed City, an area of Michigan that has many, many haunted places and ghost towns. This one is right up there with the top mysteries of Michigan.

People who have dared enter the Evart Cemetery at night have definitely witnessed the gravestones that mysteriously glow on their own.....they come on and go off at random.

The tale goes back to the late 1800s, when townspeople first began seeing these strange lights coming from the cemetery. Near the cemetery was a railroad workers' camp; one of the men was in charge of keeping kerosene lamps lit during the night. One day, sadly, the man and his son both drowned in the Muskegon River; since then, workers claimed to see lights in the cemetery that resembled the lit lanterns the man would light every night. 

When anyone dared approach, the lights would snuff themselves out. The story soon got around that the lights were being lit & carried by the dead man, in search for his son who had also perished. As the years went by and the cemetery grew larger, the phantom lights soon became engulfed in the gravestones themselves.

To this day, people have witnessed - and STILL witness - these mysterious, glowing gravestones. In fact, you can see actual pictures of the glowing tombstones in the photo gallery below.

WHY DO THEY GLOW? Investigators have examined all possible solutions:
1) Reflections from passing vehicles?
2) Gravestones that were painted with phosphorescence?
3) Lights installed and turned on by remote control?
4) Reflections from city lights?
Local newspapers and investigators from all over have declared this occurrence an official unsolved Michigan mystery.

The cemetery is located at 4395 6 Mile Rd, Evart.
When you visit, stand outside the cemetery and you should be able to see them glow by themselves. If you try to get closer, the lights turn themselves off. The lights appear year-round, so anytime you dare to visit should be successful.

The spirit of a father searching for his son? Or is there some rational, reasonable explanation for this?

The cause remains unknown.

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