Here's a little jaunt you may want to include in your next Michigan roadtrip: a visit to Estey and Rhodes, two former lumber towns that have dwindled down to a small other words, they're currently considered 'ghost towns'. These two towns - Estey & Rhodes are in Bentley Township in Gladwin County and are not far from each other.

ESTEY was settled in 1890 and wound up with so prosperous, that two blocks of downtown were jam-packed with various businesses, one right after another: barrell hoop factory, blacksmith, church, hotel, post office, saloon, sawmill and various stores & shops.

In 1920, the village was discontinued for who-knows-why. Estey doesn't show up on many maps anymore and the only remaining businesses are the township hall, market/gas station, car wash, church and the Pines Motel.....maybe.

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RHODES is approximately 4 miles northeast of Estey. Take Estey Road east to Rhodes Road north and follow it. BOOM, yer there. And there are a few abandoned structures along the way to see.

The former downtown of Rhodes is on the corner of Rhodes Road and Cummings Road. Rhodes once had a bank, blacksmith shop, elevator, general store, hardware store, hotel, livery stable, Methodist church, post office, railroad depot, restaurant, saloon and many other shops & buildings. All that remains is a cafe' and maybe a post office.

There are still people living in and around Estey & Rhodes, so when you visit don't be surprised to see a couple of townfolks milling around. But DO visit sometime and take video or pictures

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