We know it's been a while. Lockdown, quarantine, face masks, social distancing, postponements, cancellations, YOU NAME IT.

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Any one of those things (or a combination of them all) has had you waiting for a moment AND A SHOW just like this.

Time for you to GET OUT because you were BORN FREE!

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We know it's been a minute so we figured we'd get you in to see none other than Kid Rock with special guest Grand Funk Railroad live in concert and OUTSIDE at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort Saturday, August 14th.

Trust us, this will be a weekend and a show you don't want to miss and you won't forget.

This will be Kid Rock's 2nd show of the year (since the pandemic) and his first show in Michigan.

You get a double dose of Michigan Rock N' Roll with a real AMERICAN BAND - Grand Funk Railroad (hailing from Flint back in 1969).

Tickets for this amazing outdoor show go on sale Saturday morning April 24th @ 9 am and you can purchase yours HERE.

Or you can enter to win yours below. We'll do the grand prize drawing on Monday and call you later that day or Tuesday and let you know if you're the winner.

Winner gets a pair of tickets to the show which is all ages (but you must be 18 or older to enter and win).

Download our free mobile app and enter to win. You could be on your way and definitely party ALL SUMMER LONG with Kid Rock and Grand Funk Railroad at Soaring Eagle.

Good luck.

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