It's finally that time of the winter semester, spring break.  As this much needed, well deserved break comes around, many students are left feeling disappointed that they are staying put in Michigan.

There are still many ways for students to enjoy spring break here in Michigan.  Here are a few suggestions to make sure spring break 2018 in Michigan is a good one.

1.  Travel somewhere in the state you've never been.  This break is a great opportunity to travel somewhere you've always wanted to go in Michigan.

2.  Hang out with family and friends.  Life can get super busy with the responsibilities of classes, and having a week off with no school obligations gives you a great chance to visit with family and friends.

3.  Do something fun.  This could range from going to the movies to going for a hike.  Whatever you enjoy doing the most, do it this spring break.  You don't need to be somewhere out of state to do something fun.  Here's more from

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