The Michigan ghost town of Ely was named after it's post office, that used to serve the former town of Bogardus, or Bogardus Station, in Center Township. Ely is five miles northwest of Pellston in Emmet County.

Looking at the pictures below, you would never know that over 100 years ago, this little intersection had - not just a post office - but a blacksmith shop, flour mill, grocery store and a school among a few other establishments.

The post office went belly-up in 1910 and with it, went Ely. But it still pops up in searches, even though there are NO establishments whatsoever on that crossroad.

Click the photo gallery below to see what Ely looks like today, as well as old structures that can be found in roads that surround Ely.

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To find Ely, take 127 north 'til it turns into I-75. Go past Indian River and Burt Lake until you get to Exit 322, Riggsville Rd. Turn left (west) onto M-64 (Riggsville Rd). Keep going 'til you get to Pellston. Go straight through Pellston about a mile or so until you reach Ely Bridge Rd. Turn right and Ely will be at the end of the road, at the corner of Ely Bridge Rd and Ely Rd.

DO NOT confuse this with Ely Township in Marquette County in the Upper Peninsula.

Add this quirky, little-known Michigan ghost town to your next Michigan roadtrip itinerary!



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