If you enjoyed shopping at the East Lansing Food Co-op, you better get in your last licks soon. After 40 years, it will close by February 4th.

Thanks to shops like World Market, Whole Foods, The Better Health Store, Foods For Living, Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market and others, the competition was just too strong, pulling customers away from the Food Co-op...but then again, employees and management agree the co-op isn't "location-friendly".....not as easily found as some of the other markets.

The East Lansing Food Co-op is prepared...the shelves are stocked and ready to be moved out with plenty of discounts throughout the store...you can bet I'll be there!

In an interview on lansingstatejournal.com, board president Ann Woiwode stated "As a cooperative, ELFCO will continue to exist after the sale or closing. We're not intending to go away. We're trying to revive and come back in a new form. The story of ELFCO is not over."

Hope she's right...I'd hate to see it go away...and so would many others.
Get over there before the end of January and show 'em your support!


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