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You may have seen aerial photos of this sinkhole before; it lies in El Cajon Bay, about seven miles east of Alpena. It's a huge heart-shaped underwater hole, and is the biggest in a short line of sinkholes in the bay.....and it's 90 feet straight down.

This time around, you'll see a few photos taken inside the hole and down at the bottom. The springs that feed the hole bubble up, causing even more erosion and the bottom is also a shade of purple, which is caused by bacteria.

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Afterward, there are photos of a Michigan Rocks rock hunt which took place near the sinkholes and also about a mile further east at Potter Point. Petoskey stones, puddingstones, fossils, and one in particular that looks like it was actually an ancient tool or bowl made out of rock.

Encountering any underwater sinkhole can give anyone the creeps because of what may lie at the bottom. With deep sinkholes like this one, there is less oxygen, so diving and swimming underwater without an oxygen tank would not be a good idea.

Sinkhole explorations are always fun and many times bring unexpected and surprising results: weird landscaping, rock figures, webbing...but only occasionally is there any junk, garbage or debris - just stuff that was formed by nature.

It's a fun little photographic jaunt you just might enjoy.....and maybe give you the momentum for your own adventure....

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