(WARNING: Someone may have put up "no trespassing" signs by now...maybe, maybe not. If so, don't ignore them: get the proper permission to enter and avoid prosecution.)

Abandoned cemeteries are fun for a handful of reasons:
You get a feeling of discovery.
The stones are usually from the 1800's.
They're historic.
They have an eerie quiet to them.
They're creepy, even in daytime.

Here's one you really should take the time to check out, even though it's a distance: the Schoolcraft Cemetery up in the Keewenaw peninsula in the U.P.

My question: why did this cemetery become forgotten, neglected and basically buried within the woods?

It was founded in 1865 and many gravestones are still clearly marked, thanks to the surrounding trees, brush, bushes and foliage that has protected them from the elements over the last 150+ years.

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There are MANY hidden tombstones in this place (as you'll see in the gallery below)...you'll even trip over the ones you can't see...others are hidden within the bushes, tall weeds and trees. Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be much vandalism (too bad we can't say that about old cemeteries down here) so the majority of the ones you find are intact and in good shape.

As far as hauntings or paranormal activity, nothing I know of has been reported; but you'll enjoy exploring this place and soaking in the eeriness all around you...

It's located on US-41 one mile north of Calumet and is not hard to find. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can...the area is planning to restore it, even though no progress seems to be made. So for now, it's still a "buried" graveyard in Michigan's deep north.

If you're planning a Michigan roadtrip and the U.P. is on your itinerary, try and make this a stop. There are plenty of photo ops that you'll take advantage of.
As always, treat cemeteries and abandoned structures with respect: don't vandalize, act obnoxious, or trespass unless you need permission.

Michigan is chock-full of history...get out there and soak it up!

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