We’ve shown you the remains of Edsel Ford’s Haven Hill lodge that burned down in 1999. But that was just a small tip of the iceberg.

Hidden in the woods are many other additions to Edsel’s retreat that get overlooked, mainly because they are secluded in the surrounding woods. Most visitors are so enthralled with roaming through the old foundations of the lodge, that what awaits them in the woods gets overlooked.

There were many more parts to this getaway for Ford and his friends, family, and entourage.

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After gaping at the remains, seeing where the master bedroom once was, and marveling at the fireplace, if you ventured back in the woods you would see more abandoned, deteriorating structures and estate perks. Taking a walk thru the woods on a trail, you’ll come across many of the following:
Carriage House
Dog kennel
Fountain & Gardens
Remnants of log cabins
Swimming Pool
Tennis Court
Toboggan run (motorized)
Well House

Looking at a satellite photo, it’s easy to spot the kidney-shaped swimming pool, and a few other hard-to-discern objects…but the pool is obvious.

Edsel and Eleanor Edsel had this massive estate built in the early-mid 1920s as a secluded place with no people and no business dealings. It all sits on 2400 acres in the highest point of Oakland County – maybe his way of psychologically looking down on everyone? Notables came to visit like Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh and others.

Edsel died in 1943, and Eleanor sold it to the State of Michigan.

Vandals were the cause of the 1999 fire that burned the lodge down…as for everything else rotting back in the woods, time and weather are taking care of those. See for yourself in the gallery below!

Hidden Structures Found in the Woods at Edsel Ford's Retreat


Henry Ford's Home, Built in 1908

Abandoned Highland Park Ford Plant (and Henry's Office)

Abandoned Ford Sawmill, Kingsford





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