You could visit Detroit's Eastern Market every week and be greeted with brand new paintings and murals. Even if you don't buy any food, produce, or any other goods, you'll still be in awe of these pieces of artwork.

It's history begins in 1841 when the Farmer's Market opened in Cadillac Square in downtown Detroit. By the 1850s, new markets had opened for business on Detroit's east side, and this is now known as the current Eastern Market area. These new markets were selling primarily hay and wood to the local farmers; but when extra booths – or 'sheds' – were built, the Farmer's Market moved from Cadillac Square to the Eastern Market and that's the way it's been since 1891.

Over the years, the Market's popularity and growth have made it the largest public marketplace in America, with a total of 43 acres full of goods. Food, art galleries, various shops, and many “mom & pop” shops are set up here.

With all Eastern Market has to offer, it's the outstanding artwork that will make your jaw's really a sight to see. And I can guarantee that some of the murals seen below will already be painted over by different artwork by the time you visit!

Eastern Market is located within the boundaries of Gratiot Avenue, I-75, Mack Avenue, and St. Aubin Street, is an official Michigan State Historic Site, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Take a look at some of the ever-changing artwork below, then plan a visit!



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