Eaton Rapids, Michigan, has many nicknames. It was once called the "Saratoga of the West" because of its mineral-rich springs. Since its business district is completely surrounded by water, it's also called "Island City." While it may not be considered a traditional nickname, the city has been referred to as "The Only Eaton Rapids on Earth," which is a bold claim. But is it really the ONLY Eaton Rapids on Earth? Let's find out.

Armed with only a computer, an hour of free time, and an odd desire to prove that there IS another Eaton Rapids on the planet, I cracked my fingers and went about what proved to be a very monotonous Google search. I started by searching only "Eaton Rapids":

Is Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Really the Only Eaton Rapids on Earth?

Is Eaton Rapids REALLY Earth's Only Eaton Rapids?
Google Search / Canva

Google does use your location to narrow search results, so it wasn't surprising that Michigan's Eaton Rapids was the only one that appeared when I searched it.

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So, I searched "Eaton Rapids, Alabama," working my way alphabetically through all 50 states. I even started throwing in Eaton Rapids, followed by countries. I can assure you there isn't an Eaton Rapids in France or all of Europe that I could find.

Is Eaton Rapids REALLY Earth's Only Eaton Rapids?
Google Search / Canva

I searched every continent with no luck. The ONLY Eaton Rapids I could find on Google Earth was, in fact, Eaton, Rapids, Michigan. I know there are other means of searching. Maybe an expedition will be required to discover if any undiscovered tribes exist in remote jungles or forests that bear the name, but I don't own a machete, and I'm fresh out of bug spray, so Google Earth will have to do.

While I can't definitively say "Eaton Rapids, Michigan is the only Eaton Rapids on Earth," I can confidently state, "Eaton Rapids, Michigan is the only Eaton Rapids I could find on Google Earth." While a factual statement, it doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

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