In Dundee lies the Old Mill Museum, which is one of the more popular spots for paranormal activity. Located at 242 Toledo Street, it was built in 1828 and over the years was a grist mill, hydroelectric plant, fabric factory and now a museum. Even old curmudgeon Henry Ford used the mill for one of his factories.

So what makes this place haunted?

As far as history knows, there were no deaths INSIDE the mill, but plenty outside and around it, especially at the dam where a number of documented deaths occurred.

Okay, but what makes it haunted INSIDE?
Factors that lead to hauntings within the old mill include:
1) the numerous antiques that are found inside the museum; it's well-known that spirits and other entities attach themselves to old objects they held dear during their lifetimes.
2) The old generator that was once used is still on hand and it's believed by paranormal investigators that spirits seek energy.
3) The old mill is made chiefly of limestone, which is said to have properties that can hold energies inside.
4) And the running water right outside that flows down the River Raisin - AND the power generated by the water going through the dam - is a strong source for increasing paranormal activity.

Investigators have recorded plenty of disembodied voices within the Old Mill, and you can hear many of their findings on youtube.

This place is so cool, because not only is it an actively-operating museum, but they have paranormal investigations throughout the year, of which YOU can be a part of!

Find out more on their website,

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