Here are a handful of dumb laws still on the books in various Michigan towns & cities:

Adultery can be punished after a complaint from victimized spouse.

Anyone over age 12 can get a gun license if they haven't committed a felony.

Can't kill a dog with a decompression chamber.

Destroying your radio.

Five years in prison if a male makes love with a single girl.

Having sex in a parked car unless it's in your own driveway.

If burglars are hurt within the house they broke into they can sue the owner.

It's legal for a farmer to sleep with his barnyard animals.

Miniature golf courses must close by 1am in Detroit.

Old hoop skirts can't be thrown out onto the sidewalk or street in Grand Haven.

On Sundays, a man isn't allowed to scowl at his wife.

Painting sparrows to look like parakeets.

Pigs can't run free down Detroit streets unless they have rings in their noses.

Police must inspect bathing suits.

Selling vehicles on Sunday.

Serenading your girlfriend.

Smoking in bed.

Swearing when women and kids are around.

To keep your cow on downtown Main Street you must pay three cents a day.

Women can't cut their own hair unless hubby says it's OK.

You can't get drunk on trains.

So I guess we don't have it TOO bad after all.......(?)


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