Drummond Island is a not-so-secret place where a good handful of Michiganders go for a quick getaway. Now, there are a few naysayers who complain that Drummond does not have any public beaches. Possibly not, but with over 140 miles of shoreline, you can figure out why tourists come here to find a secluded beach spot....and don't....and go home disappointed.

But those in-the-know realize what Drummond does have to offer. A helluva lotta nature, history, small-town charm.....and Marblehead.

The best way to visit Marblehead is with a four-wheeler. Unlike Mackinac Island, a ferry will take you and your vehicle over to Drummond. Sure, you can take the family car, but visiting Marblehead requires the four-wheeler. Within the 76 miles of off-road trails, are the Marblehead steps. Jeep owners occasionally meet here to challenge the steps to see who can make it up the rocky steps the fastest...or not make it at all. Marblehead is on the furthest eastern point of the island.

Getting a good view of Lake Huron atop the cliffs is another perk. The cliffs are a part of the Niagara Escarpment, of which Niagara Falls are a part, and the view will bulge your eyes out and take your breath away.

And those ain't all, folks...there are the fossil ledges with layers and layers of fossilized stone all up and down the island's northern shore.

And that still ain't all. There are just a few hidden little towns throughout the island, and my favorite to visit is Johnswood. At one time, Johnswood had a good number of homes back in the early 1900s, but now there are only a few left. In the gallery below you'll find a photo of what the town looked like way back then.

So don't let the disappointed beach-seekers dissuade you. Take a trip to Drummond when you get the chance. The gallery below also features many vintage photos of the island, some from well over 100 years ago.

Drummond Island: 1900-1969


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