You would be surprised as to how many do's and don't there are when it comes to holiday office parties.

I love holiday office parties because it's the one time out of the entire year where everyone from the office can celebrate as a team and just have some fun.

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I've been going to yearly Christmas parties as far back as I can remember. It's a chance to mingle with your co-workers, have dinner, have a few laughs and show appreciation for one another.

What about the do's and don't of your standard holiday office party? For example, courtesy of team

DO: Throw a party

Company Christmas parties are standard office celebrations, and most employees expect an event at year’s end. Skipping the holiday gathering can give the impression that you do not care about employees. At minimum, you should put aside an hour or two where employees can relax, gather with coworkers, and enjoy refreshments.

Sounds good to me. The one thing your employer should never do, is make the holiday Christmas party mandatory. No one should feel forced to show up, this only takes the fun out of the whole experience.

How about another do, when it comes to holiday parties. (

DO: Plan games, activities, and entertainment

Organizing a party involves more than getting a venue and providing food. Do not leave it up to chance that guests will amuse themselves all evening. Instead, plan entertainment such as performances, activities, games, and contests to occupy the time. The trick to hosting a good holiday party is to balance open mingling and free time with structured activities such as fun work raffles, trivia, and holiday icebreakers.

Organizing a great holiday Christmas party takes a lot of planning, and when it's all said and done, it makes it all worth while.

You would not believe how many do's and don'ts there are, just to keep things running smoothly at your holiday office party. Please click on the above link for more.

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