You don't want to miss this as it has made my summer so much better. The Peach Truck is a business where an actual giant truck comes to town and you can buy Georgia Peaches. These aren't the peaches in the stores, no, they are actual Georgia Peaches and they are soooooooo good you will never want to miss this truck when it comes to the area. I have been to the Peach Truck the last two years, and I'll be picking up my peaches this year.

What makes this something you don't want to miss is because the peaches are right from the tree and they pick them and put them in the truck. These are so fresh that you have to let them ripen a bit after you get them. Also you don't get a few or a dozen, you get a whole bushel! Hopefully you have a canner or a big freezer cause you will want to can some or freeze some so you can enjoy them in the fall/winter. My house bought a canner just for this reason, and I was so happy to taste these peaches in the middle of December.

The Peach Truck the last few years have stopped at Van Atta's in Haslett and will do so again this weekend, July 5th from 1:30p - 2:30p. Plus they have added another stop at Family Farm & Home in Charlotte and will be there July 5th from 4pm - 5pm. This year will be different from previous years, where you waited next to the truck until you number is called, as this year you will have to pre-order online. You can do that here.

Here's proof of my visit to the truck last year, and you'll see me again except I'll be wearing a face mask and socially distance.

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