After word that a school employee came in contact with someone who had tested positive for the Coronavirus, parents at a local Memphis middle school jumped into action (and some pretty crazy ones at that) when they picked up their kids the following afternoon.

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They started with the wiping down of backpacks.

Raw Story via YouTube

The makeshift plastic shopping bag, garbage bag, face mask hazmat suit.

Raw Story via YouTube

To this guy. Who can be seen spraying his kid down, with some type of disinfectant, IN THE FACE.

Raw Story via YouTube

Folks, please don't panic. You need info, please head to one of these reputable links for trusted up to date information. And don't do any of the stuff you see above. Especially spraying chemical cleaners in your kid's face, mouth, and nose. Someone should be calling CPS (we're kidding but...come on man).

Centers for Disease Control

World Health Organization