Dollarville has no shops, stores or businesses. It did once upon a time, but now the former stores are either empty or have been renovated into homes.

Dollarville was a lumber town and train stop on the Detroit, Mackinac & Marquette Railroad, just two miles west of Newberry in McMillan Township, Luce County. The town was named after Robert Dollar, general manager of the American Lumber Company. During the summer of 1882, thanks to the sawmills and stave mills, the town grew and soon other businesses were established, including a general store and post office in 1883. Not long afterward, Mr. Dollar moved away and became wealthy in the shipping industry.

The post office shut down in 1903, re-opened in 1904, and closed for good in 1919.

These days, Dollarville has no businesses to spend your dollars in. No restaurants, party stores, gas stations.....nothing. Just plenty of old storefronts, houses, and manufactured homes. Residents only have to go 2 miles east to Newberry for shopping purposes.

So, load up on goodies in Newberry, then travel 2 miles west and visit Dollarville - one of upper Michigan's small, historic, mostly forgotten lumber towns.



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