By now you know that the CDC and the FDA have made a recommendation to pause distribution of the Johnson and Johnson (J&J or Janssen) Covid-19 Vaccine.

Federal officials say that six cases of a very rare but severe blood clots have been reported within two weeks of receiving the one-dose vaccine in the United States. All of the six people developing the blood clots were women between the ages of 18 and 48. One woman has died, reports say. 

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I can't imagine how you might feel if you've already received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Especially if you're a woman in the demographic that this has affected and you JUST RECENTLY GOT IT. Honestly, it'S been nothing but bad news and slow going for THIS vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Rollout Continues From Kentucky
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While J&J’s vaccine has 66.3% effectiveness overall and 74.4% effectiveness in the United States, it has “100% efficacy against hospitalization and death from the virus...(ama-assn)

That's lower than Moderna and Pfizer.

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Then there was the mix up at a factory in Baltimore that ruined about 15 million doses.

Now, the PAUSE is in effect in an overabundance of caution.

Better safe than sorry. Because according to the numbers, out of the 6.8 million folks who have been vaccinated with the J&J, only 6 women between the ages of 18 & 48 have had this adverse affect with one fatality.

What does that mean here in Mid-Michigan?

Data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said 7,800 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine were administered in Ingham County. (WILX)

What should you do if you've been given the J&J vaccine and you think you might be having adverse side-effects? Call your doctor or 911 immediately if it's an emergency. Read the CDC/FDA press release to see who this vaccine could affect in this way and the window in which it might happen.

And what about Michigan State University?

The switch from the single dose Johnson & Johnson to the two dose Pfizer vaccine happened the same day of the pause.

MSU Pavilion Covid-19 Vaccination Site Lansing, Michigan

Where to go and what to expect at the MSU Pavilion Vaccination site.

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