Are those gunshots or fireworks? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Why are people letting of fireworks in broad daylight on a weekday? Because this is America, Jack and blowing s*#! up is as fun now as it was when we were kids. Sure, now we know the dangers and fireworks are legal. So, we no longer have to get our illegal explosives from 3 finger Larry in a questionable area parking lot. But even during the quarantine, I was hearing the thumping of shells and mortars. It's pretty common around here for parents to light them off after the kids open house.

The flashes, the colors, the sounds are not for everyone. In fact, after they became legal, maybe some people went a bit too far. I know when we lived in Lansing on the 4th of July, our Mexican-American neighbors were still lighting them off at 4 am. That is when they were still illegal.

Some people got a bit obnoxious so they changed the ordinances in towns... We live in the sticks in an area that is a bit under patrolled, I'll say. Plus, only Karen's call the cops for loud fireworks. I do hear my friends at Sparky's Fireworks on M-52 occasionally lighting one off as an example. Out here, the sound travels pretty far.

Every year, some people blow their fingers off. Some even lose their lives. It's not so fun for others to see. Fireworks are terrible for pets and vets so, please be courteous as you celebrate.

Now here, check out some of the stupidest people who give fireworks a bad name.

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