Does your phone ring, buzz, ding, double ring, double buzz, double ring...or however you set it...constantly?

I know, it's my fault...or not my fault because I may need to stay informed for, um whatever...but my phone does "stuff" non-stop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It could be a reminder, a text, a call or something completely unrelated to anything I need to know or have to do and my phone pops off much like an old alarm clock from days of yore...yes, I for all intents and purposes I was a part of the days that were considered those of "yore". At least the "yore" that was not of the too distant past. Also with all of the above my phone also vibrates too...

Anyway, the reason I am reminded of all of my useful and not so useful alarms on my phone is that one came up out of the blue today...or whatever color the sky in the digital universe is, and that alarm alerted me to the Emergency Alert from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office about the current executive order to wear a mask.

As you may know, if you are in Michigan, you gotta wear a mask now if you are out in public and you are at indoor and outdoor facilities that happen to be crowded. With certain exceptions, if you try to walk into a business now and you don't have a mask, they can tell you that you can't come in. I was at a store yesterday where they were already enforcing the mask policy so businesses are getting ahead of the mask curve, if you will.

Stay safe my friends, and wear your masks.

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