Within the cemetery on Dice Road in Saginaw County's Richfield Township, the apparition of Anna Rhodes Millerton has been seen ever since she committed suicide in 1830. She is said to wander the woods in the area, not aware she is dead, waiting for her lover to come back.

Some who have seen her says you can see through her and she has a "light blue, pinkish color." Others say she wears white.

Anna and her family originated from Italy and it was there that her father attempted to kill the whole family by setting fire to their home when Anna was five years old.....she was the only survivor.

Anna came to America with her aunt and settled in Saginaw, where she soon became best friends with an Indian boy named Dark Hawk. As the years passed, and Anna grew into maturity, she became infatuated with a local named Jonathan Millerton --- much to the dismay of Dark Hawk.

Believing that he & Anna were supposed to become married, Dark Hawk's anger lashed out as Anna spent all her free time with Millerton. Millerton worked in the lumber business...and thanks to the expanding lumber trade, more & more whites came to the area, pushing the Indians out.

On top of that, some of the crueler whites attempted to push out more tribe members, brutally raping and beating the women. In an attempt to reconcile the whites with the Indian tribe, Anna walked through the woods to the tribe, but once there, she discovered the ghastly carnage recently left by the lumbermen.

Sometime later when she was 17, Anna and Millerton married; soon he was shipped out onto the Great Lakes to sail for the lumber trade. This was Dark Hawk's opportunity to take revenge and took it upon himself to repeatedly sexually assault Anna while Millerton was at sail. This, along with dreams based on her family's death and her witnessing the brutality cause upon her Indian friends, became too much for her to bear and she committed suicide.

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This is NOT a legend. This tale was researched and put in a rational order by the Michigan Historical Research Foundation for Paranormal Activity, with help from Anna's own journal. In all the findings the MHRFPA have done over the years, Anna's spirit is the oldest known ghost that still haunts a part of Michigan.

This is just an extremely abbreviated version of Anna's story. You can read more about it in detail ON review-mag.com by CLICKING HERE.

The cemetery is located on Dice Road, between N. Hemlock and Fehn roads, about a half hour west of Saginaw. BE RESPECTFUL WHEN YOU VISIT.

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