The time has come as the Detroit Tigers operation has officially hired San Francisco Giants general manager Scott Harris.

Scott Harris will be the new president of baseball operations for the Tigers. I'm so happy about this. Something had to be done to start turning things around for the Detroit Tigers.

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This has been an awful season for the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers franchise has been rebuilding this team for the past several years. In my own opinion, not for the better. We need a rock solid operations manager and Mr. Ilitch believes he has found the right candidate for the job.

According to

“Throughout this extensive search process, we were determined to find the best person to run our baseball operations,” Tigers CEO and chairman Christopher Ilitch said in a statement announcing the news on Monday. “Scott’s vision for how to construct a baseball organization to compete and win in the modern game is impressive. His leadership ability is polished from both his experience as an executive at multiple levels and mentorship from some of the game’s most talented baseball operations leaders. Scott is a difference maker, innovator and fiercely competitive, always looking for an edge.

Sounds like the right person for the job. If you remember, longtime general manager Al Avila was let go last month because things were not improving for the Detroit Tigers franchise.

Al Avila did a great job for several years, but now is the time to shake things up so we can get the Detroit Tigers back on track for next year's baseball season.

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