I've been following the Detroit Tigers ever since they won the World Series back in1968 when they faced the St. Louis Cardinals.

In fact, the Tigers won the last game on Oct. 10, 1968 to become the World Series champions. At that time I was 12 years old and could pretty much name every Detroit Tiger player on their team.

I can remember Mickey Lolich, Norm Cash, Bill Freehan, Dick McAuliffe, and let's not forget about one of my all time favorite players, Willie Horton.

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Those were really good times for the Detroit Tigers back in 1968 and yes, the Tigers have won other World Series titles since then.

If we take a look at the Detroit Tigers here in 2021, they're not doing too bad, but they do still need a lot of work to be the championship team that we once knew.

Currently the Tigers are in 3rd place in the American League Central Division and most likely that's where they will finish as they end their baseball season on Sunday, Oct. 3.

According to mlive.com:

The Tigers (75-82_ are now assured of finishing under .500 for the fifth consecutive season. They have two more games this week against the Twins (70-87) before finishing the season in Chicago against the White Sox.

I try to go to at least three home games every season at Comerica Park because my wife and I love watching the Tigers play.

They've been trying to rebuild the team for the past several years and to be quite honest, it takes the right pitchers, relief pitchers, and batters that can hit well to bring it all together.

My prediction is, within the next two years we will see the magic of baseball come together with the Detroit Tigers getting closer to winning another World Series championship.

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