April Moss made headlines around the nation when she announced that she would be exposing discrimination at her company during her weather forecast.

Moss worked for WWJ in Detroit when she made the extremely smooth announcement last week. You read that right, I said she worked for WWJ, because she has since been fired by CBS. She didnt come right out and say what the discrimination was about at first, but her interview with Project Veritas cleared it up. She claimed that the vaccination and mask policies put out by CBS were discriminatory.

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Her termination should come as no surprise seeing that even she knew that it was the most likely result. She started an online fundraising campaign with a goal of $350,000, and has already reached more than $100k. There's no specific use for the money named in the fundraiser, it just states that all funds raised will go to April Moss.

You can see April's interview with Project Veritas below.

Project Veritas also worked with Moss to record a phone conversation she had with a co-worker after she first reported that she would be talking about the discrimination. The co-worker tells her that she will most likely be fired for what she did, and she agrees. You can hear that audio here.

I'm all for people speaking up for themselves, but I don't know that I can get down with the people calling Moss a hero. She has the right to say what she wants to say, and by doing so, is also subject to any repercussions that may come from her statements. That's how free speech works.

It's a shame that we are living in a time where truth can be bent to favor whoever yells the longest and loudest, and I don't think we are anywhere near the end of events like this.

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