What is wrong with the Detroit Lions football team? How about everything. I was watching the Detroit Lions game against the Pittsburg Stealers on Sunday and I couldn't stop laughing.

It was one of the worst NFL games we've seen on TV in quite some time. The game ended in a tie at 16 points per team.

On a positive note, The Lions didn't lose and they certainly didn't win their first game of the season either. The Detroit Lions are now 0-8-1 which is horrible. They are in last place in the NFC North.

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According to mlive.com:

Then again, the Lions had so many opportunities to steal their first win against a Steelers team that was playing without its starting quarterback, yet just couldn't do it, over and over and over again on a cold rainy day in Pittsburgh.

Are you familiar with the movie  "The Bad News Bears?" It's an old movie about a kids baseball team that is so bad, that they couldn't even win a game until they brought in a good coach who turned things around.

Now we're dealing with the "Bad News Lions!" They haven't won a single football game this season. And they had the perfect chance to win their first game on Sunday.

Even the field goal kicker for the Lions was having a horrible day. This guy missed two important field goals that could have helped clinch their first win.

All we saw in overtime was interceptions, fumbles, bad passes, missed passes and missed field goals. It was so bad that I couldn't stop laughing.

And can we talk about the Detroit Lions quarterback, Jared Goff?

Mlive.com tells us this:

He had just 11 yards in the first half and finished with 54 in regulation, the fewest yards by a Lions quarterback who played an entire regulation since Joey Harrington went 5 of 22 passing for 47 yards against Green Bay in 2004.

Sooner or later, somethings got to give. There's no excuse for a horrible losing record from the "Bad News Detroit Lions."

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