If you're a true Detroit Lions fan like most of us, then what's it going to take to turn this professional team around, so we can be champions once again?

We've been dealing with this frustration for countless years and now the owner of the Detroit Lions, Sheila Ford Hamp, is feeling frustration even though she's all in.

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Right now as it stands, the Detroit Lions are 1-4. It seems that history keeps repeating itself over and over again.

The last time the Detroit Lions won a championship was back in 1957. Let's do the math, that's 65 years ago for crying out loud.

And yet after all these years, fans of the Detroit Lions remain steadfast and true. My dad and brother are die hard Detroit Lions fans and have been for many years, and they both feel the frustration too.

According to mlive.com:

Detroit comes out of its bye week at 1-4, rocking one of the league’s worst defenses after its high-powered offense got blanked against the New England Patriots in Week 5. And after some preseason buzz and another round of talent injected into the roster, it’s safe to say the team has failed to meet internal and external expectations to this point.

I think the head coach, Dan Campbell is doing the best that he can with the current players he has on the team. Campbell's been talking to the owner, Sheila Ford Hamp, about what the team needs to improve their record.

Mlive.com also adds:

“I told her everything that I saw, things that we needed to be better at -- offensively, defensively, special teams, myself and moving forward practice,” Campbell said. “Everything that I had looked at our team and, you know, felt like we needed to be better at, I shared all of those thoughts with her and where we were going moving forward. And that was it. She’s been informed.

The Lions' owner is all in, but feeling frustrated, we all are. And let's be honest here, as a team, the Detroit Lions should be better than a 1-4 record.

Will things eventually turn around for the Detroit Lions? I don't think that they're playing all that bad. The energy is there and the talent is there, one of these days it all has to come together so we can win another Detroit Lions Championship.

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