For many who have ventured down Denton Road, they will swear to the fact that something paranormal is goin' on on there. Denton Road is a short stretch of road between Ypsilanti & Canton, north of the Willow Run airport.

I went down that road myself many years ago and heard voices but that's about it.

Others have heard voices and ethereal wails of the ghost of a baby. Some have seen floating balls of light, others were chased by the headlights of a phantom automobile, footprints that resemble those of an infant have appeared on cars and some have seen the apparition of a woman who has a bluish glow surrounding her.

These instances have been happening for decades, and possibly your parents or grandparents have made the short trek over there when they were kids.

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It's a typical tale of revenge and murder...a woman is caught cheating by her husband who proceeds to hack her lover to death with an ax. The woman grabs their baby and runs out of the house; her husband catches up with her at the bridge on Denton Road where he then gives her the same justice he gave her boyfriend. 

But what happened to the baby? No one has that conclusion and no one has made any assumptions.

To this day, people who travel the road say they have seen the "woman in blue" and get chased by headlights of a vehicle that doesn't exist.

The story sounds similar to the tale about Michigan's "Ada Witch"

It's been proven that some teens have planted themselves near the bridge late at night, waiting for thrill-seekers to come ghost-hunting down the road...and proceeded to scare them with rigged lights and other special effects & paraphernalia.

HOWEVER, even those who KNOW there are pranksters out there still say they have experienced some weird paranormal activity out there on Denton Road, the most common occurrence being being chased by phantom headlights.

Interested? Simply drive out there around midnight and park your car (like most people do) and wait. If you're lucky, bluish glows may appear...or you might hear baby cries. Or, most commonly, you may see a single, solitary white light that hovers across the road, said to be the glow of the deceased woman's lantern as she crosses the road (see the photo in the gallery above). Either way, it's gonna be creepy being there at midnight.

Up & down the road are homes and private property, so when you visit be respectful.

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