Michigan sure has it's share - maybe MORE than it's share - of spooky stuff.

This time around, it's the legend of the Ada Witch that haunts the Findlay cemetery, one of western Michigan's favorite spooky legends.

Sometime during the 1800's (of course, right?), a woman was being unfaithful to her husband as he slept. Once her husband fell asleep, she would quietly sneak out of bed and go to meet her lover. But, once her husband got suspicious, he stayed awake one night in order to catch her in the act...and he did.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

After she sneaked out one night, he followed her and came across the two lovers in an embrace; this drove hubby crazy and attacked the two, first killing his wife and then set upon the man. After an extremely gruesome battle between the two, they both wound up dying from their extensive wounds.

Over the years people have claimed to see the 'woman in white' - also called the 'Ada Witch' - in the Findlay cemetery area; others say they have seen bluish-green mists, hear footsteps & screaming, been physically touched by hands that aren't there and hear the sounds of fighting and a woman weeping.

Interest in the Ada Witch grew even more when the film "The Blair Witch Project" was released in 1999.

The local constables keep a watchful eye on this place. Located on a dirt road north of Ada and slightly northeast of Grand Rapids. Be respectful of this and all cemeteries.

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