Clown Town was located at 5089 US-10 in Ludington. It operated as a family fun park with a Go-Kart track, miniature golf, concession stand…and, I would hope, clowns.

The Clown Band would frequently perform there along with ‘Honky the Clown’, charity go-kart races and more. Beginning in the 1970s, it lasted for approximately thirty-plus years until it finally closed, was torn down, and a Culver’s Restaurant was put in its place sometime after 2008.

The Formula K Family Fun Park had a good forty year run at 54358 N. Main Street in Mattawan. As with most other family fun parks, there was a go-kart track and mini-golf…and this one even had a paintball course.

After decades of entertaining mom, pop, grandfolks and kids, the owners decided in 2015 to shut down and concentrate on their other business ventures.

In a 2015 statement on their Facebook page, the owners said in part: “After much thought and deliberation we have decided to no longer open the Fun Park…..Formula K Family Fun Park started in 1975 as the only Amusement Park in the Kalamazoo area…..Formula K Lawn and Snow Equipment, has now become our main focus and we have decided to end a 40 year run as the premier Go-Kart based amusement park in the area…”

Located at 800 Hogsback Road between Mason and Holt, Fun Tyme was a fun park I used to go to. I would go play miniature golf (nowadays I can’t get ANYbody to do mini-golf with me) and yeah, I even went down that cool water slide. That slide was in perfect view from the road, just tempting passersby to stop in during a hot summer day. There was an arcade room, go-kart track, and concession stand food. I seem to recall a big gorilla statue out in the mini golf course. I was disappointed when they shut down. Fun Tyme goes back to the 1980s (maybe the 70s?).

I think the big water slide was the first to go, leaving the mini-golf course open for a while. Then by the 2000s, it stopped altogether. Today, the Secretary of State occupies the land along with the Henry Ford Allegiance Health Center.

All three parks are now permanently closed.

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